Betsy S. Lee a member of the Florida Writers Association has received the First Place, from the prestigious Royal Palm Literary Award, as well as a Tribute from the Florida House of Representatives. She has authored newspaper articles, anthropomorphic stories, a play, and educational activity books. Betsy has been a guest on various television and radio shows. 

 Her husband, K. Ross Lee, a noted authority on the First Spanish Period of Florida (1565-1763), was certified by the United States Department of the 
​Interior and has created commercials for radio and television.​ 
He has co-authored with Betsy Andrew Ranson: St Augustine's Pirate, an exciting, fast-paced, historical novel about the Nation's Oldest City, St. Augustine. The book received a Medallion from the 2014 Royal Palm Literary Awards.
Both Betsy S Lee and K. Ross Lee are members of the St Augustine Jewish Historical Society.