Betsy S Lee
Betsy also creates high-impact book covers, business cards, and postcards, as well as promotional materials such as trifold brochures.

She has custom-designed activities & coloring books for: 
The Mission Nombre de Dios (St. Augustine, Florida).
Fort Mose Historical Society (St. Augustine, Florida). Fort Mose is the first free black settlement in America.
The Castillo de San Marcos (St. Augustine, Florida).                         

Off The Track Book

OFF THE TRACK is told from a retired racing greyhound's point of view. The book is spellbinding
and will have you laughing as you follow the three greyhounds on their adventures.
Children will learn about adoption and how to adapt
to different situations and environments.

OFF THE TRACK received the Royal Palm Literary Award (1st Place / Children's / YA). The book is compared to Aesop's Fables  and has received a Five Star Rating on Amazon.
The book can be borrowed from public libraries and purchased at B&N. Also available as an ebook. ISBN:  978-0-615-293578

​      Creating Worlds from Words
Let's Color & Draw
Let's Color & Draw is a beginner's-level coloring and activities book. 
ISBN:  978-615-30559-2
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Additional Services
 Betsy S. Lee a member of the Florida Writers Association has received the First Place, from the prestigious Royal Palm Literary Award, as well as a Tribute from the Florida House of Representatives. She has authored newspaper articles, anthropomorphic stories, a play, and educational activity books. Betsy has been a guest on various television and radio shows. 

 Her husband, K. Ross Lee, a noted authority on the First Spanish Period of Florida (1565-1763), was certified by the United States Department of the 

Andrew Ranson, St. Augustine's Pirate 

A story that tells how the life and loves of a man, born in England, 1650, changed America's history and the world.
Life's adversities alter the personal growth of the two main characters as they encounter intrigue, piracy, and adventure. Andrew Ranson: St. Augustine's Pirate is a fictionalized account of historical facts set in 17th-century St. Augustine, Florida. The story intertwines international intrigue as European countries battle for the control of Florida and its all-important shipping lanes. Their extreme violence results in financial ruin for many. 
The book provides behind-the-scene views of events that established America, including the purchase of Mt. Vernon by the father of George Washington.

The book received a Medallion from the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Awards.

​Interior and has created commercials for radio and television.​ 
He has co-authored with Betsy Andrew Ranson: St Augustine's Pirate, an exciting, fast-paced, historical novel about the Nation's Oldest City, St. Augustine. The book received a Medallion from the 2014 Royal Palm Literary Awards.
Both Betsy S Lee and K. Ross Lee are members of the St Augustine Jewish Historical Society. 

Betsy S. Lee & K. Ross Lee


The Florida Writers Association, Inc., (FWA) has announced that Betsy S. Lee & K. Ross Lee of Elkton, Florida won a prestigious Royal Palm Literary Award (RPLA). Betsy S. Lee & K. Ross Lee winning entry, The Relic: Jerusalem to St Augustine, won First Place for Unpublished, book-length Novella.
The Relic: Jerusalem to St. Augustine sweeps you up along with Joel and Carol on their adventures in the eighteenth through the twenty-first centuries. The search for lost Spanish gold and a famous relic requires life-and-death decisions, and with their discovery of the Kabbalah’s secret of transmutation of time, they find the truth about God.


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