Betsy S Lee
Off The Track Book


OFF THE TRACK is told from a retired racing greyhound's point of view. The book is spellbinding and will have you laughing as you follow the three greyhounds on their adventures.
Children will learn about adoption and how to adapt to different situations and environments.

OFF THE TRACK received the Royal Palm Literary Award (1st Place / Children's / YA). The book is compared to Aesop's Fables  and has received a Five Star Rating on Amazon.
The book can be borrowed from public libraries and purchased at B&N. Also available as an ebook.
ISBN:  978-0-615-293578


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​​​The Relic: Jerusalem to St Augustine is based on actual history and events that took place between the Third Crusade in 1189 and eighteenth-century Spanish St Augustine.
The book is an intriguing work on many levels of understanding. On the surface, it is a book about simple greed and obsession. However, it delves into the agnostic sibling's relationships between themselves, their estranged father, and God.

The Relic: Jerusalem to St. Augustinereceived the first prize from the 2017 Royal Palm Literary Awards.
ISBM 9780692108871


​ Andrew Ranson; St Augustine's Pirate

Andrew Ranson: St Augustine’s Pirate, is an historical fiction, novella. The book discloses little-known facts and events that affected St. Augustine and the New World.
The main characters are Fr. Perez de Molta, the Franciscan friars, Capt. Robert Searle, Augustine Washington, Governor Cabrera, and Governor Zunica, who were real people.
The events and activities centered in St. Augustine, the Indian village near Fort Caroline, the Castillo de San Marcos, and Vera Cruz.​

The book received a Medallion from the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Awards.
ISBM 9780692339480 
Let’s Color & Draw

Teaches a simple way how to draw and color.
ISBN: 978-615-30559-2 

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